Meet the Team

UL team members are based in many of the major medical device markets. We provide support, advocacy and highly relevant expertise in your target markets. We can advocate for you, in the applicable local language, and provide you with actionable information that can help speed time to market and reduce the risk of regulatory challenges.


  • Linda Chatwin

    Linda Chatwin

    Sr. Customer Solutions Consultant

    Linda assists customers with regulatory issues and challenges, including implementation of UDI processes.

  • Günter Fiedler

    Günter Fiedler

    Sr. Customer Solutions Consultant

    Günter coordinates clinical and biological evaluation processes, and is experienced in the regulatory demands and quality system compliance needs associated with ISO 13485 and EU MDD 93/42 EEC.

  • Tim Lin

    Tim Lin

    Sr. Customer Solutions Consultant

    Tim provides technical consultancy support in the areas of software, risk management, usability, and pre-clinical testing.

  • Laura Élan, P.E.

    Laura Élan, P.E.

    North America Customer Solutions Manager

    Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era? (Famous Palindrome)

  • Michael Wiklund, MS, P.E. CHFP

    Michael Wiklund, MS, P.E. CHFP

    General Manager, Human Factors Engineering

    A certified human factors professional, Michael has a total of over 30 years of experience in the field, much of it focused on medical technology development.

  • Razel Cada

    Razel Cada

    Research Specialist

    I specialize in finding product-specific regulatory requirements for global market entry.

  • Anura S. Fernando

    Anura S. Fernando

    Sr. Customer Solutions Consultant

    With expertise in safety critical software and control systems certification, Anura has participated in projects for Fortune 500 companies and Federal agencies including DoD, DoE, DHS, FDA, FCC, ONC, and NASA.

  • YoungJun Kim

    YoungJun Kim

    Customer Solutions Consultant
  • Dietmar Falke

    Dietmar Falke

    Head of CRO

    Dietmar has profound experience in the planning as well as conducting of clinical trials. He coordinates the provision of clinical services for medical devices in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements

  • Rachel Michelson

    Rachel Michelson

    Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

    Rachel has direct experience with a diverse set of cyber-security related technologies for embedded devices, such as symmetric and public key encryption, IPSEC, certificate management, static code analysis etc.

  • Randy Jiang

    Randy Jiang

    Senior Customer Solutions Consultant

    Team is built up of heart, not that of people.

  • Sharon Chen

    Sharon Chen

    Solutions Consultant

    "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants" - by Issac Newton

  • Erwin Deiringer

    Erwin Deiringer

    Sr. Customer Solutions Consultant

    Erwin prepares and coordinates biological evaluation and clinical evaluation services, and provides preparation and support for technical files for EU MDD 93/42 EEC.

  • JaeYeong Noh

    JaeYeong Noh

    Senior Consultant

    JaeYeong is a senior consultant for UL Korea. she has over 8 years of regulatory compliance, quality assurance.

  • Manus Tsui

    Manus Tsui

    Asia Customer Solutions Manager

    Manus is the Asia Solutions Service Manager for UL. He has over 10 years of industrial involvements and experienced in market entry, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and clinical evaluation processes.

  • Giselle Zhang

    Giselle Zhang

    Customer Solutions Consultant

    “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”-C.G. Jung

  • Allison Strochlic

    Allison Strochlic

    Research Director

    Allison is a certified human factors professional, with over 10 years of experience applying HFE to medical technology and pharmaceutical product development.

  • Gaspare Scaturro

    Gaspare Scaturro

    Sr. Customer Solutions Consultant

    Gaspare’s proficiencies include custom training development, quality management systems, and medical device conformity assessment.

  • Su-Moon Choi

    Su-Moon Choi

    Customer Solutions Project Coordinator

    “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” -William Shakespeare

  • SuJi Lee

    SuJi Lee

    Customer Solutions Consultant
  • MinSu Kim

    MinSu Kim

    Sr. Customer Solutions Consultant

    We will be Happy

  • Gen Murase

    Gen Murase

    Sr. Customer Solutions Consultant

    Gen is a UL Japan technical adviser in medical device regulations such as FDA (such as 510(k) submission, etc.), Risk Management, and FDA Software.